Data loss from hard drives, solid state drives, PC and Mac computers

Fixed and mobile workstations cover all common IT tools:

  • PCs and desktops
  • Laptops
  • Local hard drives (hard drive or HD).

In the event of data loss, specialized technologies or specific situations nevertheless raise additional challenges:

Mac computers and Apple products: iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro…
SSD drives, alternative to conventional hard drives and using Flash memory
Encrypted hard drives causing decryption problems

In most cases, recurring symptoms may presage data loss: blue screen, error message at startup, hard drive not recognized by the Bios, missing or corrupt files and folders …

At the origin of these breakdowns, specific risks are added to the risks of “generic” incidents:

Claims: flood, fire, electrical damage (lightning, surge, etc.)
Malicious acts or software: viruses, cryptolocker, ransomware, hacking…
Vulnerability linked to digital nomadism (mobile computers): fall, shock, vibration…
Unintentional handling: accidental deletion of data, formatting, hard drive distribution, forgetting of data during a reinstallation …
Hardware faults: power or battery problem, overvoltage, file or software corruption, operating system malfunction …

If there is no backup or if the backup is not updated, any loss or alteration of data is detrimental to the user: office files, client data, project files, emails, accounting, photos, personal data, etc. constitute information. important or even sensitive. In a professional context, their loss can impact the activity of the company.

Working on a HDD

Our expertise in data recovery


Our teams have the expertise and technology to decrypt or retrieve data from most fixed and mobile workstations. This area of expertise covers not only “classic” IT assets, but also Apple operating systems, solid state drives and Flash memories.

Expert company specialized in data recovery:

  • Over 1000 files processed per year
  • 90% recovery rate

Speed of intervention: restitution of data in 24 hours to 4 days

Our company Databack also deploys all the necessary precautions to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data:

  • ISO 5 class 100 clean room for controlled particle concentration, to prevent particles from damaging the internal components of storage media when they are opened.
  • Secure laboratory and Restricted Regime Area (ZRR) as part of the protection of the nation’s scientific and technical heritage (PPST).
  • Vault for storage of sensitive material
  • Independent computer system disconnected from any outside access
  • Compliance with the good practices charter defined by the SGDSN
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations
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