Know about VA Benefits, Medicare and Medigap

As a veteran who is eligible for Medicare, you have the options with respect to healthcare.  It is crucial to know the Medicare and Veterans Affair denoted as VA are two separate things. The plans of VA offer the coverage and care at the VA facilities only and the Medicare supplement plans offer good cover at any of the Medicare assigned facilities. Luckily VA and Medicare coverage do not coincide.


Should You Enroll in Part A Medicare If You Have VA Benefits?

Yes, it is recommended all veteran seniors to get enrolled in Part A Medicare to get the Hospital coverage. As such there is a no extra cost to be paid for Part A Medicare and you can get the hospital coverage. Thus, it is insisted to have the Medicare Part A so that they can get the private health insurance.


Medicare Part B on having VA Benefits?

It is recommended all veteran seniors to also enroll in Part B Medicare to receive Medical coverage. It includes Part B as a monthly fee. In case your VA benefits drop at a point or if the local VA facility fails to cover the health services, you may pay out-of pocket expenses up to 100% for serious illness. It is recommended by the VA to enroll in Part B. Do not miss the deadline in Part B or you may have to bear the penalty.


Availing Medigap on having VA benefits

Medigap, the Medicare supplement plans are useful as it covers the unpaid gaps of the original Medicare such as copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. The Medicare includes benefits on travelling outside the U.S. and its territories.


Medigap is also a fascinating way of protecting your wealth but does not come as cost- free. Ascertain to consult with your VA, CHAMPVA or Tricare representative before getting enrolled in any Medicare supplement plans to ascertain the best course of action. The two reasons to get enrolled in a Medigap or Medicare Supplement Plans:

  • You are not living near a VA facility
  • You are enrolled in the VA lower priority groups


As such there is no assurance that you will receive sufficient funds to get the enrolment priority groups care as required. However, it is equally important to get enrolled in the Medigap as it is available. In case you apply beyond Medigap Initial enrolment period, you may have to answer medical queries such that you may be charged more or even denied coverage.

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