All you need to know about Humana health insurance with Medicare

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 47 million Americans were enrolled in Medicare. Although 15.7 percent were under the age of 64, the vast majority of users are Medicare seniors. In 2011, Medicare is divided into four parts, all of which can be purchased from private insurance companies. Humana, one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States, offers several types of Medicare policies and supplements to clients across the country.

Advantage, or Part C, are plans that combine benefits of Parts A and B. Part A offers mainly benefits for hospitalizations, home care and hospice care, while part B covers ambulatory care services and preventive care. Humana Medicare Advantage plan is required to offer same benefits as Parts A and B of the government, with the exception of palliative care. MY plans may also include additional benefits; original parts A and B do not. Company has four types of Advantage policies. MA is sold by service areas, so exact benefits and plans offered may change.

Types of MA plans

Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 are Humana Gold Choice, Humana Gold Plus, Humana Choice and Medicare Advantage Special Needs plans. Plans with special needs are personalized health insurance plans and tailored to specific medical conditions. Company also offers special needs plans to Medicare beneficiaries in certain situations, such as those living in nursing homes or using Medicaid. Humana Gold Choice is a traditional private pay-for-service plan, where users can see a doctor who agrees to take it. Golden choice has all the A and B benefits, as well as a foreign travel emergency cover. Gold Plus is an HMO plan with the same benefits but requires that customers use health care providers who are part of Humana’s network. Choice is a PPO plan, which proposes to reduce costs if you use the network, but allows you to go outside of it, in exchange for higher fees. Choice plan has the advantages of Gold Choice as well. All three can offer prescription drug coverage, depending on the service area.


Part D prescription drug beneficiaries’ plans

Medicare can choose a standalone prescription drug plan (PDP) to use with their original Medicare Part A and B benefits. Humana offers four of them: Rx Preferred Walmart Plan, Strengthened, Standard and Complete. Enhanced and Standard offers comprehensive coverage of more and more for branded drugs and several types of prescription drugs through larger networks of pharmacies.

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